Bounce Haus!

This was I and my friend Josh’s radio show from 2009-2011 on WIUX, the student-run radio station for IU Bloomington.

I still have zips of the tracks from some of our shows, but alas it isn’t 2011 anymore so I can’t just throw up a link to a Mediafire folder. Let me know if you’d like some tracklists, though.


At one point I had made my way onto the list at the list of largest known primes because I was finding primes with my computer in my its spare time using PrimeGrid. Turns out three of my primes are still on the top-5000 list, here’s my profile.

The largest prime I have found is \(12851074^{131072} + 1\).

I have a better graphics card now but just haven’t been mining for ’em recently, my experience was that it became harder to find new ones on the list after awhile, or maybe I just wasn’t subscribing to the right projects.