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Here’s an app I created with React and Redux to solve crossword puzzles. (In order to use it you’ll have to upload an Across Lite puzzle file; for examples I suggest Brendan Emmett Quigley’s site, he publishes in this format.)

I styled this app after the NYT crossword puzzle solver, which also uses React, but trust me, I had to figure out a lot myself. The Across Lite parser itself I’m particularly proud of.

Client repo and server repo.


the drinks app in action

As a team of three (myself, Lindsey, and Reese; Team 3D for life), we taught ourselves Angular and created this app in four weeks.

“Vloeistof” means “liquid” or, colloquially, alcohol in Dutch/Flemish (shoutout to Ing, our Belgian instructor). This is a mixed drinks app, for mixing your own drinks or pulling them from the API at TheCocktailDB.com. You can add drinks to your profile, curate your favorites, post on your and other people’s drinks, and more.

Client repo and server repo.


the search pane

A webapp to pull information from Discogs via an API and display it aesthetically.

code at GitHub


For information about d3, see here. The projects below are in my scrawls repo on GitHub.