EFA and Vloeistof

2019 December 20

A personal accomplishment

Thursday night I graduated from my JavaScript coding bootcamp, through Eleven Fifty Academy. Shoutout to my friend SteveTom for suggesting a bootcamp in the first place.

I want to say that this was a really great twelve weeks for me. I’ve been at some not-so-great points in my life over the past three years and this has been probably the highest I’ve felt in awhile.

What made this bootcamp really special for me was the people. After a few dropped we were left with a core group of ten students including myself. They were/are all quality folks coming from different walks of life and previous expreiences, but we really worked out as a group.

And I know JavaScript! And React and Redux and Angular and TypeScript.

If you’re thinking of attending EFA or any coding bootcamp, let me know and I’d definitely be willing to chat and answer what questions I can.

The final projects

Our “red badge” project was Vloeistof, an app to track mixed drinks. The front end is built with Angular, which we essentially taught ourselves from the online docs and with occasional help from our superb instructors at EFA; the back end is Express. I wanted to write a bit more about this app than what appears on my portfolio page, so here goes.

First of all: the app is at vloeistof.co.