Vinyl Impressions

2019 May 27

If you didn’t know this about me, I collect records here and there. It started back in 2011 when I won a weight loss contest and used the $100 prize to buy six records from the now defunct Mimaroglu Music Sales. Earlier this year I took the time to catalog them all using the wonderful, feel free to browse the collection. I particularly love colored vinyl and have been known to pay a high premium for limited editions that are a fun color or, even better, multicolored or splattered.

So what am I doing with these records, besides not listening to them as much as I should? Well, new to as of today is the yellow “vinyl” button in the main site navigation, which will take you to the most recent in a set of non-reviews of vinyl records I own. I don’t mean these to be reviews, rather sets of impressions that come up while I’m listening. Also I don’t intend them to be that long, I’m not going to aim for a word count or anything. As long as I have something I’m ok.

Why limit myself to vinyl in my collection rather than just any albums I like? A large part of it is that it’s another way to justify a collection that I’ve spent time and money on. Plus, with ~300 records I don’t feel that limited; at one a week it’ll take about six years to listen and write about them all, and hopefully by then I’ll have acquired another 300 or whatever.

This is the first major step in awhile in expanding what I’m doing with this site and, by extension, myself. There are two sectors remaining after this, keep a look out.