2016 November 29


November 2016 has been the worst month of my life thus far. I’ve been mulling that assessment around a bit over the past few weeks and I’m pretty much settled on the matter at this point.

Looking at the year at the whole, I don’t feel a great deal more positive. This is in spite of the fact that

among many other smaller events. Much of the reason why the year now seems pretty awful, though, is because the best parts of the year now have been largely lost as collateral damage. With the exception of the first item, all of these have been partially nullified or fully reversed. The memories have been corrupted and weaponized. Whole blocks of memories over most of the past decade, nearly all of my best memories, man… I don’t know what to do with any of it.

At some point I probably should write about what’s happened, even if it ends up being a private thing.

With everything that’s happened to me personally recently, it’d be great if I could find some solace in knowing that the world at large is at least going to be all right. So much for that. I would really like to get into that more later, too, but for now I can only add my voice to everyone lamenting this malformed, sadistic, heartbreaking globular clusterfuck of a year that just  will   not    end  .  .  .


So what do we have on the spacecraft that’s good?

I am making a list, I’ll get back to you shortly.