This blog is generated with Hakyll, a (the?) static site generator written in Haskell.

Over time my Hakyll config has become more personalized, but I still owe a good deal to several of the folks who’ve contributed to the examples gallery.

I ♥ Pandoc.

I wrote the HTML and CSS (by way of Sass) myself.

I usually apply a coat of normalize.css and/or Autoprefixer but it’s not like I really know what the relevant current best practices are.

Fonts are served by Google’s Fonts. The typeface used for almost all text is Merriweather; code and other monospaced text is rendered in Inconsolata. is hosted with I’ve been with NFS for years now and can’t recommend them highly enough. Since the entire site is static I don’t need no server-side devilry and they don’t make me pay for it (2012–present, $6 total (± some cents)).

Some resources (images, pretty much) are pulled in from my Dropbox.

The <> domain is registrar’d with switchplus.

I want to go into more detail with several of these items later but yeah, this is my general tool-platform-technology suite.

This is version 4.0 of (qua website).

Might you be looking for this other five-letter-Liechtenstein-domain Eli-run website? (I explicitly recommend checking [Alter-]Eli’s site out if that somehow didn’t pique your attention. If you’re an Eli with a ***.li please get in touch with us, we’re looking to expand!)