Outer Planetary Church Music

Tim Robertson

Aguirre Records, 2015

Make sure you read the label’s comment on the discogs page.

I had a conversation with my friend Chris the other day about where we’d like to live in this solar system if it’d been colonized by humans by now. My first thought is to go for an outer planet, probably Neptune, assuming it’s not significantly more backwater than the inner worlds or somewhere like Ganymede or something. And of course, if humans are there, it’ll have churches…

This is the kind of music that I could see myself generating once I’m a master at coding in a musical programming language.

Obviously the question is, though, how well does this sound like what the title of the album proclaims it to be? Well enough, I’d say. Off the top of my head I can’t think of a direction I’d take this sound in order to make it more churchy or outer planetary or, importantly, both simultaneously. Not to say there isn’t one, but that’s a subtle question.

The last track is really nice. Makes me want to worship something.