Midnight in Tokyo Vol. 1

Various Artists

Studio Mule, 2018

You know, I probably don’t have the qualifications to talk much about this one either. I don’t know what was going on in Japan during the years from which these songs are drawn, though I guess this makes the case for disco-funk being at least present. I do recommend reading the notes at the above link for some context.

But I do know how to dance. Well, that’s a lie, but I do know what kind of music theoretically is conducive to dancing. And this is dancing music.

Not all of the songs are in Japanese, and plenty would sound right at home on a ’70s compilation from the US or Europe, but others are.

I wonder what all these artists are up to these days.

There is a Vol. 2 and a Vol. 3, which I suppose I’ll get to at some point.