I am currently (years).

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. From age 10 on up until grad school I lived in Indiana.

I studied cognitive science and philosophy (of logic, science) at Indiana University from ’07 through ’011. From mid-2013 to early ’016 I lived in the Netherlands pursuing a MSc in Logic at the University of Amsterdam, which I recently completed (relevant reading for all your free time).

After returning to the US I lived in the Ithaca, NY area for awhile; currently I’m back around Indianapolis until I embark on Whatever Comes Next.

I have a cat named Atsuo Toggle.

My interests include: listening to and collecting music, big furry mammals, making lists, public transportation and in particular rapid metropolitan transit and also aircraft, outer space, hard science fiction, futurology especially on extreme timescales, typography, board and card games, aesthetic workspaces and ergonomics more generally, trope analysis, and some other things.